untitled 2

the poetry of rodger pegues once the leaves fall from the trees
outside my 5th story floor window
through the limbs of trees
grown up through pavement
I can see the snow-capped
mountains in the distance
thinking as mountains
looking down at us
from the dragon perspective
all those
microscopic clusterfuck folk
have coalesced and constructed
have changed the natural to their concrete nature
but I don’t want to be a victim
especially when the pain
belongs to someone else
especially when invisibles
need extra blankets
and artificial limbs
dismembered in wars fought to advance
my pregnant notion
the bastard of freedom
his mother a dog
licking the vomit of muddy
epitaphs written by inclusive
fat people on sabbatical
to an unknown region of earth and sky

sky like fire
4 as that bitch burns
it reigns pleasure and seals
the envelope containing the judgment
of our flesh
cast to the Lake of Fire
searing flesh awake
brisk like ice showers
snow in heaps
discarded white shit
as the potential
of flooding waters
catfish tug boats
pilot the bayou
dead body
in tow
mismanaged chicken, pork & beef
rat, hair & roaches
cocked delivered
to the gallows
of usurpation
filmed live
on camera phone
piled along the roadside
of oil and coal
black sand
in crushed relief


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