I want some sugar so bad that
I’m thinking about
stealing some money
or waiting 4 the UPS man
to leave his truck
robbing or defrauding someone
4 Christmas money
if she had a flat ass
she woulda went to college
she talks
like phone sex
on Jerry
and Maury
lying in bed
until 3pm
this bird
is the worm
the TV
is God
all knowing
all seeing
spraying fecal matter
into the vacous cavity
where brain matter
once lived
lying to Girl Scouts
insurance is America
football is America
a dying America
farted on my reality
and I woke up in a
new America
sulphurized beyond
a nascent pissiness
dodoo voodoo
phalic desert termite apartments
nuzzled by snouts
and pickled pig feet
stinking bar rot
putrid liquids
pickled onions
dirty nails
serving bar towels
run your finger behind your ear
sniff says shower


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