a flower

a flower is
          beauty captured
          speaking in silence
          I am Sun
          light transformed to Matter
          the miraculous
          manifestation of dirt
          formed from clay
          painted by God
          & the war goes on
          the petals fall from the sky
          by hundreds of hundreds
          & thousands of thousands 
          fields of death are bathed in petals and stems
          the remains of flowers atop the remains of man
          both die Men and flowers and in death they are recreated
          as themselves, a Man as a Man
          a flower as a flower
          can you see a flower
          can you look
          life sees life and is sustained
          if only for a glance
          we can speak to the silent flowers
          they will talk back in our minds
          I am a plant
          as old as the Earth
          as old as time
          Who are you ?
          What are you doing?
          I rain on you
          & bury you
          in my petals

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