he wasn’t

Imagehe wasn’t al queda

or an angry Arab

a high school drop out

or a mental patient

I remember the time the IRS garnished my whole check

I told my case officer I’d hafta meet him in the parking lot

that way he could know my terror

why…? murder a 6 year old girl and violently harm so many others in cold blood?

we have bestowed upon him our sacred 15 minutes of inobscurity

like Hinckley & others he has accepted our covenant

the truth is…

given the perfect storm of private despair

at any moment

any one of us can


and this is what happens

and this is what truly frightens us, he could have been anyone,

your neighbor or mine…

and if we think

for a moment that our communal evil has no consequences……

if we think our rub shoulders, cliqueky, insincere, disingenuous, let’s do lunch, society shares no complicity

you’re wrong,,…

just be kind to one another

or watch your back…


One thought on “he wasn’t

  1. I don’t understand why you are asking me to commiserate with a mass murderer. He floated into consciousness by means of slaughter of innocent men and women and children. And I do not believe we can all snap like this. It is the worst kind of misplaced ‘compassion’ to ‘humanize’ a guy who stripped himself of all human qualities. Apply the punishment quick

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