Mojo Blackman

Juju Black man
I know you got an
angry phallus
swingin in your
favorite boxers

avenge your Mother
& your Father 2
He’s got a lot of nerve
for takin you down
with no lubrication

the usual suspects
the Holy Father
baptized by homophobia
& the Boy Scouts best

superiority nation
likes to get it
in the station
eternal rapture
bout this simulation

Casey Jones
he was a
mad hatter
bent over
smiling face
only anal matters

I sleep alone
holdin the pillow
to the light
I sleep alone
.38 gripped tight

I’m in Love
with the nu-Nubian
Queen who longs
to serve her
New Master in waiting

boys grown up
to be killers
army ordered
switch to automatik

know it like
because you oughta
Solomon’s great,
great, great, great,
Great grand

Mojo Black man
twist it with your left hand
pimp it wit ya right toe
tell ya Moma shake it low
tell ya baby squeeze it hard
singin to the LAwd LAwd LAwd


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