the door

it’s all I can do to go
back and forth to work
there I can wonder how God makes poor children
without fathers and why he allows them
to believe that once in 2018 when Daddy gets
out of prison life will really be different
and believe that Santa Claus and Jesus
are white men that go about the ghetto bringing
peace and happiness to the Meek

I knew a boy once
a thin hungry child
that checked out cook books
from the grade school library
and during reading time
gazes at glossy colored
pictures of specialty
cooked foods, braised meats
in thickened sauces
with baby potatoes

the properties of Grace
unrequited mercy
a weathered lonely flower
surrounded by flames
pristine and unconsumed
burning for the weak
soaked in a necklace of gasoline
apathetic tears and
baptized in the angry fear
of a lynch mob
pity party

it begins with a shaking
in an eternal loop
the words come out
but make little meaning
something must mean something
something must matter
what are the properties of Love
silent hope
stoic faith
self-less Love
agape Love that penetrates
Television goes around the world
and has empathy even for those
who don’t speak English or know
who Jesus is

the 5th floor
where the doors are locked
and electronic buzzers
shuffle white coats
and shiny badges
during visiting hours
the piano
out of tune
and in ill-repair
on sabbatical tour
or just a 48 hour
once the threats have been made
once all the furniture, and potted plants
are thrown out the window
and come crashing down
once SPD, and MHP
are summoned
and the blithering fool
glassy eyed
tightly secured in white belts
with shiny metal clips
and ushered away
from the closed minded sanity
of actors playing parts
on the stage of complicity
the theater of life
the curtain of sin
a blinded vision
without Love
with people
who really don’t care
or know who you are
then you’ll know
just why we only leave
the house
when it’s absolutely necessary
why we do things
that other people call crazy
why we live only to die
before the living gets too hard


One thought on “the door

  1. I know the message is supposed to hit me and it does, but all I can think is how good technically you’re getting; then I have to squelch my envy (that;s a sin); brother Pegues, say on…

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