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Can you update your own website ?
Or is it just a “static” page?
do you control your online presence ?
Or are you “locked out” of the server space you are paying for?

My name is Rodger Pegues, I implement WordPress content management systems for individuals and small businesses. Updating your website can be quick and easy. A WordPress blog template can take the place of a traditional website as a dynamic and interactive alternative. You need to be able to access and update your website without having to pay costly and wasteful web management service fees associated with the traditional web management business model. To get a website that you can manage contact PeguesWorks today.

What is SEO?
Why is it important?

SEO, means search engine optimization. It means if you have a business and I want to find you I can enter keywords into popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing and find your business ranked high in the results. If you are in the top results you have a marketing advantage. Let’s say, for example you own a catering business on capitol hill, and I’m looking for you on the internet. From Google I search the keywords, “party” and “Seattle”. SEO can make you come up as the #1 return when your business name is Joe’s Catering even though you searched for keywords other than the business name. On a daily basis many consumers make searches like these. Showing up as number one or at least above the page fold drives business traffic straight to your door. Lots of businesses have a beautiful website that just takes up server space because no one ever sees it. A good website has form and function.

The wordpress blog template is built for SEO, in part, because of the backlinks that are created through regular posting and keyword tags. In fact a wordpress blog template is much more than a website it is a content management system (CMS). Even cooler, it’s Open Source so that means that it’s free, in a sense, but you can make donations if you choose, which is a good investment considering the software is so dope.

A CMS is a dynamic web application with an integrated database. Dynamic as opposed to static (a static site can only be viewed) because many users can interact, collaborate, communicate and participate with the content by registering as users, leaving comments, adding content, and sharing it with others. If this sounds like social networking it’s because CMS is the code architecture on which social networking is based. Database functionality means that all your solutions from e-commerce to stock and inventory are tailor made.

Looking at the portfolio examples of the wordpress template sites below you can see they don’t look like “blogs”, but they function like a blog with respect to SEO and CMS. Let’s get one for you on your domain. To learn more contact me and find out how for a fraction of the cost of a traditional web site, or for barter or trade I can implement a wordpress blog template for your business or organization.

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Here are some live sites that are under active management: