black az…

black az

I like women with
sanitary assholes
& rounded cheeks that jiggle,
under cotton pajama bottoms
climbing apartment stairs
to serve my endless addiction

that night
I fucked her
until tears of joy
filled her glossy brown eyes
beyond love
beyond relationships
flesh worshiping flesh
in spiritual agony

insert french kissed
tongued booty hole
betrays the intellectualism
of an emotional response
E-Coli interrogatory
taste buds bursting
you must love every part
of her……….this night

the 1st time I finger fucked
a girl in a Cornish practice room
behind a black baby grand
I pulled my finger from her
nappy hole
only to find it coated with a
white milky discharge
this was all I’d ever known
so I thought pussy was nasty
and that pussy juice was foul
putrid and white
until I met my favorite hoe
on Rainier Avenue who’s pussy
glistens with purity and taste
as pure as the morning dew

it’s like coming home dirty
and washing your dick in the sink
in the bathroom, no ones talking
she passes out drunk and ask me in
the morning “did you fuck me”

all the pussy
all the dope
all the booty
& extra towelettes


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